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Welcome to Funeral Help PDF Print E-mail, Thanks for getting back to me in a timely manner.  My Personal Experience deals with the death of a close relative who died unexpectedly-and was loved by the entire family and beyond. I don't know if it was any one thing that-in looking back, provided, I think, one of the most important aspects of that funeral: : a calm, dignified and respect setting ambience; a feeling that all was taken care of, that my cousin was in 'good hands'. The Director himself was in attendance and he managed to provide all of the family that he encountered with a kind of personal attention  and deference-as did the entire staff, yet I got the impression that it was his character, demeanor and way of 'being there' for people which set it-and kept it-all in motion.

I came away from that occurrence feeling that not only was the funeral proper, but cared about-in the sense that all details, the lighting, the seating arrangements, placement of flowers; the escorting of the immediate family was seamless and integrated from beginning to end. I also got the feeling that the owner, staff and  everyone who was a part of the staff actually cared about my cousin! I know that this is not necessarily the case-but in remembering, it certainly provided me-and others in my family with that sense of 'rightness' and graceful closure for all. I haven't thought about the death of my cousin in years, and the memory of it still gives me a sense of sadness, but also a sense of  how, when done right, the funeral provided my family, me and others with respectful and dignified closure-and a way to feel comforted, respected in our grief and understood  as we dealt with our loss.  Thank you..


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